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New Energy Series

One of the challenges I enjoy is finding ways to create a dynamic sense of energy using only the visual channel. Color and texture are my primary tools on the iPhone/iPad. Recently, I’ve used the Slow Shutter Cam App to create a sense of movement. From airy to aurora-like, I’m liking the way Slow Shutter captures the image. Then, I app it up with colors and textures.



Williamston Road


4 comments on “New Energy Series

  1. pyjamaartist
    September 24, 2012

    I love your artwork I am normally not fan of abstract but I love them so colourful and so much energy and it makes you feel well inside no joke, im very sick at the moment and I can feel the energy and health from it I know sounds weried and feels weried to sense something from a painting but you can I love them please add me on this and I follow you and if you got a facebook account can we swap there too or twitter I would love to just see what is happening and sort of experiement and and see if lookin at your paintings have some affect on my mood when looking at them well i am unwell and down i know sounds weried but I always was curious if art can affect the mind then body.

  2. Paul McConauhy
    September 24, 2012

    Love it… Although it takes all my energy to come up with names for them.

    • cgeith
      September 24, 2012

      And, I LOVE your titles. Sometimes I post them before they are properly named, but I go back and edit up. Thanks for putting words to the energy ; )

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