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Help us create an open engagement ecosystem with the Global Food Safety Partnership

A wide variety of people and organizations around the world are being brought together by the World Bank under their private-public initiative called the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP). The goal is to improve food safety in middle income and developing countries where the current solutions are not able to reach the needed scale and quality in local contexts.

Our working group is taking on the challenge of recommending practices and tools that will enable solutions for the GFSP. We are grounding this in OPEN: open content, open data, open access, open knowledge, open credentials and the range of models that put these into action at the local level to create impact.

“This is unique – it will be the first truly open engagement platform to focus on solving a global  issue that no one stakeholder or stakeholder group can solve individually.”

Hamish Gow, Ph.D., Professor of Agribusiness; catalyst of various open public private partnerships in food safety; program leader at Massey University for the Global Food Safety Partnership.

Join our working group in 4 virtual and face-to-face gatherings during the next 6 months resulting in written recommendations to the GFSP in June 2014. Your participation is voluntary and you pay your own way. In exchange, not only do you get to contribute your best ideas and co-author a report, you also get to respond to the request for proposals from the GFSP that will result from our work together.

OUR FIRST MEETING IS VIRTUAL on November 25, 2013 1:00-2:30 eastern time.

Contact me to get on the invitation list and receive the agenda at Christine Geith, Ph.D., Co-Chair of the IT Working Group (ITWG) of the GFSP

1st Meeting November 25, 2013  – 1:00-2:30 Eastern Virtual
2nd Meeting with Virtual Option December 2013(as part of the 2nd GFSP Conference)also virtual stream live (half day dedicated to ITWG) Singapore and Virtual
Design Workshop March/April – TBD Stanford D-School Palo Alto, CA?
3nd Meeting and Design Workshop Debriefing TBD After the Stanford Design Workshop Palo Alto and Virtual
4th Meeting – Report Finalization Late June – Finalizing Recommendations Virtual

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