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MSUglobal – what we did in 2013

We did a lot of good work this past year at Michigan State University and I’m pleased to recap it here.

In 2013, MSUglobal launched a new strategy, based on Bolder by Design principles, to achieve Five Outcomes for Michigan State University and its faculty. Bolder By Design created the strategic context to develop our ‘Five Outcomes’ concept and our new location in the Nisbet Building has enabled the MSUglobal team the creative space necessary to deliver on that new strategy.

Here are some of the highlights of what we’ve accomplished so far with this new dynamic:

We also continued to facilitate major projects, including:

In 2014-15, we are planning to:

  1. Incubate four new focus areas with MSUglobal Innovation Fellows.
  2. Increase by 20 percent the number of faculty working with us to incorporate revenue-generating and reputation-strengthening delivery formats.
  3. Increase by 30 percent the number of research projects working with us to incorporate knowledge platforms.

On behalf of the MSUglobal staff, I’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone we’ve collaborated with in 2013. The opportunities to participate in exciting projects, research and initiatives that our partners have undertaken over the course of the past year has been truly rewarding for us, and we hope for our partners as well. For faculty and members of the campus community who have not yet worked with MSUglobal, we invite you to come to one of our events throughout the year or stop by our office to learn about how we can help you strengthen your three R’s – reputation, revenue and research.

We wish you all a successful and happy 2014.

–          Chris

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