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5 Ways SoLoMo Could be Used for Community Impact

Following my post Think Possible: SoLoMo Inspiration for eXtension, a few people have asked me about the how. First, I frame the question like this: what’s possible for empowering local action to improve people’s lives through more effective decision making using science-based knowledge? Then I think about the tasks people are doing when they are making choices: where are they? when are they? what are they doing? Here are five ideas for how this can possibly be brought together to impact individual choices and community action:

1. Create decision resources using open and community-sourced data such as BlightStatus created by volunteers through Code for America.

2. Insert science-based models into apps that track personal data such as MapMyFitness and Dash.

3. Integrate science-based information and decision support into “client engagement” platforms like LeadingReach for Healthcare.

4. Embed science-based content into apps like Voxy Everywhere.

5. Share knowledge in social learning communities in the way London Cabbies “do the knowledge.”

What else can we do? Share your ideas by posting a comment.

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